Hansal Mehta proud of his son Jai Mehta

Jai Mehta makes his directorial debut with the OTT series ‘Lootere’, delving into the gritty world of power play and corruption aboard a cargo ship. With the weight of his father’s National Award-winning legacy, expectations soar for Jai’s directorial acumen, and early reviews indicate that ‘Lootere’ doesn’t disappoint, offering audiences a captivating journey into the depths of maritime intrigue. In an interview, creator Hansal Mehta and director Jai Mehta reflected on the audience response to their recently launched project. Hansal expressed delight at the overwhelming feedback, noting Jai’s commendable achievement in bringing ‘Lootere’ to life. Jai echoed this sentiment, sharing his own sense of pride and gratitude for the positive reception. The series has garnered praise not only from audiences but also from industry insiders, with many reaching out to express their admiration. The first four episodes of ‘Lootere’ are now available for streaming on the OTT platform.

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