Banita Sandhu on dating rumors with AP Dhillon

Banita Sandhu’s rumored romance with Canadian singer-rapper AP Dhillon has sparked significant speculation, particularly after their appearance together in AP Dhillon’s music video ‘With You’ in 2023. Following the video’s release, Banita shared intimate photos of herself with AP Dhillon in a hotel room, leading many to speculate about their relationship status. Despite the speculation, neither Banita nor AP Dhillon has officially confirmed their alleged romance. In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, Banita deftly navigated questions about her connection with AP Dhillon, humorously responding with phrases like “I’m with you right now,” in reference to the song’s title. Their on-screen chemistry in ‘With You’, shot during a trip to Italy and featuring kissing and cuddling, further fueled rumors of a real-life relationship. Banita’s appearance at AP Dhillon’s documentary premiere in Mumbai also contributed to the speculation about their off-screen closeness.

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