Here’s how Zeenat Aman avoided being mobbed

Zeenat Aman delves into nostalgia, reflecting on her enduring passion for cinema. With decades of experience in the industry, she fondly recalls cherished moments, celebrating the enchantment of both experiencing films as an audience member and contributing to the cinematic landscape herself. Sharing on Instagram, Aman reminisced about movie days at her boarding school and her first silver screen crush on Paul Newman. Despite her later entry into the film industry, she still finds joy in being part of the audience, often incognito to gauge reactions. Reflecting on changes in movie-watching culture, Aman shared images of herself from different eras, highlighting her evolution as a cinema enthusiast. As she engages her followers in conversation about their favorite film experiences, Aman gears up for her return to the silver screen in Faraz Arif Ansari’s ‘Bun Tikki’ alongside Shabana Azmi, promising more cinematic magic to come.

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