Revealed: Hrithik’s unique pre-shoot ritual

Hrithik Roshan adopts a distinctive ritual before filming intense scenes, indulging in solitary walks to delve deep into his character’s psyche. Amidst the success of his latest film, ‘Fighter’, Roshan shared his preference for entering a focused state, devoid of distractions. To safeguard this concentration, his team creates a protective barrier, ensuring no disruptions during his preparatory walks. In an interview, Roshan expressed his desire for privacy during these moments, acknowledging the challenge of maintaining focus amidst constant observation. His team respects his need for solitude, standing guard to maintain his zone. As Roshan embodies the character of Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania in ‘Fighter’, his dedication to the role reflects in his meticulous preparation. Released worldwide on January 25, the film, marking Roshan’s third collaboration with director Siddharth Anand, continues to captivate audiences with its portrayal of Indian Air Force pilots and their unwavering patriotism.

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