Hrithik Roshan’s birthday tribute workout sets stage for ‘War’ after ‘Fighter’ success

Hrithik Roshan garners acclaim for his role as an Indian Air Force officer in ‘Fighter’, celebrated for its stunning aerial action. He’s now gearing up for ‘War 2’, returning to the spy genre. Recently, he celebrated his fitness trainer’s birthday with a special workout session, signaling preparations for his next venture. On Instagram, Hrithik shared a cheerful snapshot with trainer Swapneel Hazare, both flashing thumbs-up signs. Hrithik expressed gratitude for the intense birthday workout and excitement for the future. Swapneel’s response hinted at Hrithik’s transition from ‘Fighter’ to ‘War 2’, cleverly stating, “Now it’s time for the ‘FIGHTER’ to get ready for the ‘WAR’.”

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