King Charles’ Trust severs ties with Rahat Ali

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan faced repercussions as an ambassador for King Charles’ British Asian Trust after a video surfaced showing him assaulting a student. The clip, widely circulated online, depicted Khan striking the individual with a shoe, prompting swift condemnation. The Trust, emphasizing its zero-tolerance policy towards violence, promptly severed all ties with Khan. Initially appointed as an ambassador in 2017 by Prince Charles, Khan faced scrutiny following the incident. In response, he released a video alongside the student, asserting the altercation arose from a personal matter and denying allegations of alcohol involvement. Khan justified his actions as disciplinary measures, citing the traditional teacher-student relationship in Qawwali. Support for Khan’s explanation came from the student and his father, who defended traditional dynamics in the Qawwali field. Nonetheless, the Trust’s decision underscores its commitment to ethical standards and condemnation of violence in any circumstance.

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