Arbaaz’s heartfelt gesture for Sshura Khan

Arbaaz Khan embarked on a new journey by marrying Sshura Khan, exchanging vows in an intimate nikkah ceremony at Arpita Khan Sharma’s residence. Attended by close family and industry friends like Raveena Tandon and Farah Khan, their union has been marked by affectionate displays, setting couple goals for fans. Sshura recently shared a heartwarming moment on Instagram, showcasing a bouquet and a sweet gesture from Arbaaz. In the photo, a bouquet of pink roses and a cute wooden frame with the caption “I love you this much” are displayed. Sshura expressed her gratitude and affection, captioning it with, “You make me smile; I miss you.” Additionally, Arbaaz’s departure from Mumbai Airport was marked by a warm hug from Sshura, demonstrating their bond even in his absence. Their gestures continue to charm fans, illustrating their strong connection.

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