Jaya Prada declared absconding in two cases

Jaya Prada has been labeled as ‘absconding’ in two cases related to code of conduct violations after failing to appear for a court hearing despite repeated notices and non-bailable warrants. The MP/MLA court in Rampur issued CrPC order 82, as she didn’t attend despite prior warrants. These cases, involving violations of the 2019 election code of conduct, were registered in the court of the Special MP/MLA Court, Rampur, concerning Kemri and Swar police stations. Judge Shobhit Bansal issued a non-bailable warrant due to her continuous absence. Inspector Ranji Trivedi reported her evasive actions, noting her switched-off mobile. Consequently, action under Section 82 CrPC was initiated, scheduling the next hearing for March 6. The Superintendent of Police has been directed to form a special team to ensure Jaya Prada’s presence on the specified date.

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