Juhi Chawla shares BTS pranks by Ajay & Aamir

Juhi Chawla nostalgically revisited the filming of ‘Ishq’, reminiscing about the camaraderie shared with co-stars Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan. Directed by Indra Kumar, the romantic action comedy witnessed playful pranks orchestrated by the duo, offering delightful anecdotes. Juhi recalled instances where Ajay and Aamir disrupted the assistant director’s tasks, leading to amusing mishaps on set. Despite the ensuing scoldings, the true culprits remained hidden, adding to the jovial atmosphere. On a celebrity dance reality show, Juhi shared behind-the-scenes stories, providing a glimpse into the cherished memories of ‘Ishq’. The special episode paid homage to her illustrious career, featuring dance performances on her iconic songs from the 90s. Judges Farah Khan, Arshad Warsi, and Malaika Arora added a thrilling twist with the ‘Grand Costume Party’ challenge, encouraging contestants to deliver dramatic performances in unique attire, enhancing the celebratory mood.

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