Vijay Deverakonda admires his co-star Mrunal

Amidst ongoing speculation about his relationship with Rashmika Mandanna, Vijay Deverakonda recently shifted focus by lauding actress Mrunal Thakur’s facial features. Expressing admiration for her perfect nose, eyes, and lips alignment, Vijay’s remarks diverged attention from the rumored romance. In an interview, Vijay commended Mrunal’s intelligence as an actress, noting her early start in the industry compared to his. He emphasized her ability to swiftly grasp concepts on set, highlighting her ease of collaboration. Vijay’s praise for Mrunal’s expressive features coincides with their collaboration in Parasuram’s ‘Family Star’, where he portrays Govardhan, a middle-class man grappling with relationship and trust issues. The film, set to release on April 5, 2024, promises an engaging narrative. Additionally, Mrunal will be seen in ‘Pooja Meri Jaan’ alongside Huma Qureshi, offering audiences another intriguing cinematic experience.

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