Nitanshi’s parents sacrificed their careers for her dream

In Kiran Rao’s latest directorial endeavor, ‘Laapataa Ladies,’ all the actors, including the young Nitanshi Goel, have experienced a significant career boost. Despite being just 16 years old, Goel has garnered notable fame in the industry. In a recent interview, she openly discussed the sacrifices her parents made to support her acting aspirations. During a conversation with Ranveer Allahbadia, Nitanshi stressed the importance of her parents’ unwavering love and support, placing it above all else, even amid her burgeoning stardom. She candidly shared how her parents left their respective jobs to facilitate her acting journey. Acknowledging the unparalleled selflessness of parental love, Nitanshi recounted her father’s decision to leave his business in Noida and her mother’s resignation from her government job, all to nurture her dreams of acting.

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